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Welcome to the web site of the Spludlow Framework a light weight private cloud platform.

A Framework to simplify development and running of Enterprise/Distributed/Bespoke software systems using .net on Windows.

Providing a complete eco-system including all the plumbing to write, deploy and run code using distributed techniques like web services and message queues, with little prior experience of them.

Suitable for developers of all experience levels including hobbyists.

Included are several sub-systems to help with development, deployment, and monitoring.

Open source and Distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License v3.

Pragmatic Agile Development

The Spludlow Framework is all about distributed agility without forcing any design model, get your code running on a remote host in the simplest way possible.

Create a Web Service

Web Services are useful when an instant result is required from a remote host.

       public static int QueryStockLevelWebService(string host, string stockCode)


              return (int)Spludlow.Call.Now(host, "MyCompanyLib", "MyCompany.Stock", "QueryStockLevel", new object[] { stockCode });


       public int QueryStockLevel(string stockCode)


              //     Query database then return result


Run on a Message Queue

Running a method on a message queue is useful for “Long Running Processes”.

       public static void ProduceStatementsOnQueue(string host, DateTime statementDate)


              Spludlow.Call.Queue(host, "MyCompanyLib", "MyCompany.Customers", "ProduceStatements", new object[] { statementDate });


       public void ProduceStatements(DateTime statementDate)


              //     Query database then print and email customer statements


Quick Start

Best way to get started.

Site News & Updates

30/01/2022 – V1.14

Small fix to Spludlow MHS (MAME Hash Store) xml parse.

26/12/2021 – V1.13

Small fix to Spludlow MHS (MAME Hash Store) hash xml import missing software lists (a7800).

27/10/2021 – V1.12

Small fix to Spludlow MHS (MAME Hash Store) data empty notes column.

24/02/2021 – V1.11

Small fix to Spludlow MHS (MAME Hash Store) mame exe filename change.

02/10/2020 – V1.10

Small changes & fixes to Spludlow MHS (MAME Hash Store).

01/03/2020 – V1.9

Introducing Spludlow MHS (MAME Hash Store) MAME ROM management. Binaries now on .net 4.8.

07/12/2018 – V1.8

Introducing Spludlow MAME a simple web that allows searching for MAME machines and identifying ROMs through the SHA1 hash, automatically keeps up to date from the official MAME full driver information in XML format.

Rewrite of Spludlow Tetris UI using WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) with many feature additions.

15/10/2018 – V1.7

Introducing Spludlow Tetris an Open Source C# Multiplayer Network Tetris Game.

15/08/2018 – V1.6

Binaries now on .net 4.7.2. Added a Directory Watcher class for monitoring directories uses a FileSystemWatcher and BlockingCollection.

10/07/2018 – V1.5

Introducing the Spludlow MetSat Web demonstrating the Spludlow Framework in action.

22/05/2018 – V1.4

Added PlaceAngle methods to the Drawing System to allow placing of vectors and bitmaps and be scaled and rotated about their centre.

09/05/2018 – V1.3

Added the Media Portal data case study. Tested master install using SQLite DAL. Fixed MySQL DAL now works for master install. Added some methods to MAME class for ROM set re-packing.

15/03/2018 – V1.2

Windows Event Log query added, improvements to SMTP mail message reading.

19/02/2018 – V1.1

Videos added and updates to the Security Page.

Notes on version numbers, optional assemblies, updating to latest, and change log added to Downloads Page.

13/02/2018 – Initial Release

The Spludlow Framework V1.0 has been released.


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