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Our sister sites

These are some hobby sites built with the Spludlow Framework.

They mostly provide near real time information and are fully automated so they stay up to date without anyone having to do anything.


Spludlow MAME


Information on MAME machines and software lists. Searches, filters and reports are available as well as data downloads in various formats that you can use in your own projects.

Even if you aren’t interesting in playing the games it’s a good resource for identifying ROMs and general retro computer history.


Spludlow Retro Software Catalogue


Identify and find retro software and documentation, currently Acorn only. If you are looking for particular software or ROM image and want to see all versions out there, also good for documentation if you want to repair something.


Spludlow TV


Display TV listings received over the air via DVB-T2 (domestic television antenna) located in Nottingham UK. Uses https://www.team-mediaportal.com/ (server only left running) to do the EPG grabbing and then queries the SQLite database.

Display listings for East Midlands Freeview (free to air terrestrial TV) in mobile and desktop format also provides some reports on listings and band usage.


Spludlow TETRIS


A network implementation of Tetris. Play single player, against bots, multiplayer on one computer, over the LAN, or over the Internet. A multiplayer online server is available.



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