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The “Scheduler.txt” file provides configuration for the Frameworks Scheduler.

Line Format

Lines start with a time specification, address (host and queue), the ATM, and then guessed parameters.

When ‘@’ appears at the end of a line then following lines will be in “CallText” format, terminated by an empty line.

Each line has the following tab separated columns:

·         Time Specification – When to run

·         Address – Where to run

·         Assembly – What to Run

·         Type

·         Method

·         Parameters

Time Specification

The time speciation has the following general format:

                StartTime – EndTime @ Internal / Date

Time Specification Examples

Regular Intervals

·         @45                                                       every 45 minutes throughout the day

·         @1:30                                                   every one and a half hours throughout the day

·         @120                                                     every 2 hours throughout the day

·         00:05@30                                            every 30 minutes throughout the day at 5 past and 35 past the hour

·         09:00-17:00@15                                every 15 minutes between the hours of 9 to 5

·         09:00-17:00@15/week                   every 15 minutes between the hours of 9 to 5 on week days

·         09:00-17:00@15/end                      every 15 minutes between the hours of 9 to 5 on weekends

Set Times & Dates

·         08:30                                                     08:30 everyday

·         09:00/mon                                          09:00 every Monday

·         10:00/end                                           10:00 on weekends

·         11:00/1                                                 11:00 on the first day of every month

·         12:00/0                                                 12:00 on the last day of every month

·         13:00/2tue                                          13:00 on the second Tuesday of every month

·         16:00/0fri                                             16:00 on the last Friday of every month

·         09:30/25/03                                        09:30 every year on March 25.

·         10:30/16/04/2020                             10:30 on April 16 2020 only


The address is the standard format

·         HOST – Run on Web Service

·         HOST:QUEUE – Run on queue on host

·         “” – Run in process

NOTE: Run in process is not recommended for running normal code, it is only intended for system diagnostics.

ATM & Parameters

Standard Spludlow ATM and parameters.

Example Scheduler Configuration File


# Spludlow Scheduler provides a simple way to run methods at the times you want.

# [TimeSpec]                     [Address]                            [Assembly]                         [Type]                                   [Method]                                [Parameters]

00:00                                     WSYS-HEAD-APP:Sys     Spludlow                             Spludlow.Diagnostics    DailyHost                                28

00:05@30                            ""                                           Spludlow                             Spludlow.Diagnostics                StartStoppedAllHosts

18:45                                     WSYS-HEAD-APP:Sys     Spludlow                             Spludlow.Backup             Run                                        Day

00:10/Wed                         WSYS-HEAD-APP:Sys     Spludlow                             Spludlow.Backup             Run                                        Week

09:00-17:00@30/week  WSYS-HEAD-APP             Spludlow                             Spludlow.Log                    Warning                                Test Web Service Call

09:15-17:15@30/week  WSYS-HEAD-APP:Run   Spludlow                             Spludlow.Log                    Warning                                Test Run Queue Call


The “sys” queue is used by the daily host maintenance task and the backups for all other code the “run” queue should be used as in the last line.

The regularly called “StartStoppedAllHosts” will be ran in process as it doesn’t take that long to execute and it can’t run in a stopped web service or message queue.


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