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Receiving Mail

Using the Spludlow Framework to Read and Extract Mail

Unfortunately .net doesn’t provide anything for reading emails like extracting the headers, body, and attachments. If you’re building an application that receives email then you need a way of doing this. Fortunately there is something included within Windows for doing this, it called “CDO for Windows 2000”, it is a COM library for dealing with email.

The Spludlow Framework provides some wrapper classes to make using “CDO for Windows 2000” to decode mail messages as simple as possible.

Receiving Mail with the Intranet Page

The Intranet includes a hidden Intranet page that you can use to view received mail. You can just open the raw email messages in the drop directory using any email client but you may find this page useful when testing your software. If you are building an email reception system then looking at the code here may help you out.

You have to configure the following keys to get it working:

·         SpludlowMail.Drop – The SMTP Drop directory

·         SpludlowMail.Store – Root mail storage directory

From this page you can view the drop directory, run a process to receive dropped mail into a file store, display the stored mail messages, and display individual messages, extracting attachments if present.


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