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The Spludlow Backup is a simple way to schedule the archiving of directories and databases to 7-Zip files and storing them in remote directories or on an FTP Server for safety.

The configuration is done through text files. You define sources and targets then the jobs that will perform the backups. These jobs are triggered by an entry in Schedule.txt.


·         Everything is archived to 7-Zip files

·         Can provide strong encryption of archives through long Z-Zip passwords. Check table in 7-Zip Help->7-Zip Format.

·         Switch off compression, useful for large directories of things like mp3 or jpeg.

·         History, all stored archives are dated and a history of specified files are kept (oldest files are deleted).

·         Pretty simple to configure. Once basics are configured, like the schedules, it is very easy to make changes to the SETUP.txt file.

·         Passwords and target details like FTP server logins are stored using the Credentials class.

·         Archives can be transferred to any host running the Spludlow Framework using HTTP file transfer.

·         Can use wildcards “*” on database server to back up every individual database on the server.

·         A “dummy run” feature allows to test the backup by running everything fully but with empty payloads.

·         Full Report Logged or Emailed.

·         Scheduler will allow some of the more complicated requirements like last Friday of the month.

·         Runs on the “Sys” queue, this queue is separate to any worker queues.

·         Direct archive feature. Normally sources are archived first to a temporary directory but you can create the 7-Zip at its final destination (Only works to local disk and network share targets)

·         Multiple Database Support (currently: SQL Server, MySQL, SQLite).

·         Easy Retrieval, all sources specified are archived to individual 7-Zip files.

Backup Strategy

The Spludlow backup is basic it is not for backing up your system.

It provides quick and easy configuration, what’s important be backup and where to can change.


The basic concepts.


·         Local Disk

·         Network Share

·         Database

·         Database Server (All databases “*”)

NOTE: The database could be local or on another networked host.

NOTE: When defining a database source a temporary directory must be specified. This directory must be accessible by the SQL Server Process user and “SpludlowGroup”.


·         Local Disk

·         Network Share

·         FTP Server

·         Spludlow HTTP (Local Disk)

·         Spludlow HTTP (Network Share)


The jobs are simply lists of sources going to targets with some additional information like how many history to keep. Sources and targets can be grouped.

The Spludlow Scheduler is configured to start the jobs at a particular time.


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