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ATM (Assembly, Type, Method) & Address

ATM (Assembly, Type, Method)

3 simple strings used to reference a method or property of a class in a loosely coupled manor, no version numbers or GUIDs are required. This text ATM system is used throughout the Framework.

So a call to find the hostname in code would be “System.Environment.MachineName” the ATM equivalent would be; “System”, “System.Environment”, “MachineName”.

Address (Host & Queue)

“ATM” is what you want to do and “Address” is where you want to do it. Address can take the following forms:

·         Null or “” (Empty String) – Run in process. Throughout the Framework if no address is specified then the method is called (invoked) from the current process.

·         “HOST” – Run Now on web service. The method is called on the Frameworks generic web service that runs on the specified host, a result can be returned.

·         “HOST:QUEUE” – Run on Queue. A message is send to the specified message queue, this will be picked up by the Framework’s generic service process (windows service) and executed within it.

A standard queue is always available called “Run” on every host available for general use.


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