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Parameters Encoding and transfer

Parameter Encoding

To send parameters over the wire they are serialized to XML using standard .net methods. The string array either has 2 or 3 array elements. The first is the full .net assembly qualified type name, the second is the XML, and the third if present is the parameter name.

If the full type name is prefixed with an at sign ‘@’ then the second array element will contain a filename for the serialized XML. This may also be compressed, in which case the filename extension will be ‘.7z’.

Parameter Files

When passing parameter files between hosts a PULL approach is used. Parameters are saved on the hosts that creates them, any other host that requires the file downloads it.

All these files are stored in the Spludlow Temp directory “C:\ProgramData\SpludlowV1\Temp” that uses a “host@” prefix on all its files.

When a file is requested if it is not in local Spludlow Temp then download it from the remote host to local Spludlow Temp.


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