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Database Server Basics

Server Basics Section Contents

Microsoft SQL Server Microsoft SQL Server - Basics
MySQL MySQL - Basics
SQLite SQLite - Basics
Microsoft Access Microsoft Access - Basics
PostgreSQL PostgreSQL - Basics
Oracle Oracle - Basics
IBM DB2 IBMDB2 - Basics

Database software like much other development related software has got loads of bells and whistles on it, if you are starting out then try to focus on the basics first. You need two components of a database product to get going; the server (engine) and the management software. All the other optional software components are not required at this time.

When you start your management software you will again encounter many more bells and whistles and may be a little overwhelmed, this guide aims to get you going down the right track, showing you how to do the things you need.

We will run through the basics of installing the server, obtaining the client software components, doing the basics in the management software, and working with a database diagram in the product’s own management software (if it does). Also I will explain how to use sample databases that are included or available for each database product.


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