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Third party software components


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Dependencies by Requirements. 1

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DVB-T Video Recorder. 1



The core Framework does not include any third party software. You may have to download and install things depending on the functionality you require. They fall into these 2 categories:

·         Present on System – Software is download and installed on host. Framework will execute the process itself passing parameters and receiving output. No framework configuration is required, paths to executables are either hard coded or guessed at run time.

·         Linked in Library – Third party software library. Needs to be downloaded and compiled into a one of the framework’s optional libraries, for example; printing PDFs from your business logic library.

The Framework’s core library “Spludlow.dll” has no requirements other than 7-Zip be installed on the host.

Dependencies by Requirements

Listed here are all the pieces of third party software used, grouped by what options you want.



Required by the framework no configuration required.


Software required for working with PDF files.



Used for creating PDF files. Library needs downloading and compiling into the assembly “Spludlow.Drawing.PDF”.



Used by the framework only to rasterize (convert to bitmap) PDF files. Looks for binaries in program files directory, no configuration required.

More Bar Codes

The framework has Code128 and RM4 barcodes built in but nothing else.



Used for encoding QR codes. Library needs downloading and compiling into the assembly “Spludlow.ZXing”.


Fancy getting the soldering iron out?



Used for accessing the parallel port. Library needs downloading and compiling into the assembly “Spludlow.Io.ParallelPort”.

DVB-T Video Recorder

If you have a DVB-T card in a host running the Framework you can watch and record TV with an EPG, but you need the following:



Used by the DVB system for tuning, serving, and viewing DVB-T streams. Software installed, path hardcoded, no configuration required.

Media Portal


The server component of Media Portal needs to be installed and configured to download EPG data from DVB-T, the framework then reads its database for channels and programmes.


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