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Installing VS and SSMS

Video: Install Visual Studio 2016 Community


Introduction. 1

Visual Studio. 1

Selecting Features and Updating Visual Studio. 1

Visual Studio required features. 1



You development machine will need Visual Studio as well as the Spludlow Framework up and running.

Visual Studio

The main tool for Developing on Windows is “Visual Studio”.

The free edition is known as “Visual Studio Community”. All that is really missing from the free edition are features to benefit teams of developers and high end enterprise testing tools.

One other notable feature missing is “CodeLens” it shows you things like what other code is referencing a method, pretty handy but if you’ve never used it you won’t miss it.

You can now create Windows Services with the free edition since the 2017 version.

Selecting Features and Updating Visual Studio

Configure what features are installed and update the program using the “Visual Studio Installer” application after installation.

Visual Studio required features

In the main “Workloads” section tick the following:

·         .net Desktop Development

·         ASP.NET

Then go to the second main tab “Individual Components” and ensure you tick everything required for the version of .net being targeted.


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