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Quick Start for Spludlow Framework


Quick Start Introduction. 1

Some important points before you start. 1

The “Weird Systems” Demo Network. 1

1) Provision Windows. 1

Use existing installation. 1

Install Windows. 1

2) Prerequisites. 1

Windows Features / Roles. 1

Windows Configuration. 1

Other Software. 1

Database Availability. 1

3) Download Installer. 1

4) Main Setup. 1

First Machine (or single host). 1

Additional (Node) Hosts. 1

5) Install Visual Studio. 1

6) Install SQL Server Management Studio. 1

7) Start using the Spludlow Framework. 1

Use Visual Studio to create a Class Library (DLL) and Simple Test Application. 1

Configure a Spludlow Development Source machine. 1

Learn some basics of using Spludlow for a Web Service. 1


Quick Start Introduction

This quick start is the simplest way of getting up and running.

Follow the Videos and read through this page.


Some important points before you start

·         Spludlow text configuration files use TABS ONLY for separating columns do not use space (careful when using copy and paste from web).

·         Spludlow text configuration files allow multiple empty tabs so you can align columns to aid readability.

·         Videos have no audio and try to demonstrate things in an obvious and concise way. You may want to pause frequently.

·         Click on the video thumbnails to launch videos in a new window at the native resolution (1920 x 1080).

·         The user “Admin” used in the examples is created on all WORKGROUP machines with the same password and is in the Local Administrators group.

·         Having trouble with permissions saving Spludlow configuration files then add your user to the security group “SpludlowGroup”. Requires reboot.

·         To use Administrator File Shares (\\host\c$) they require the “LocalAccountTokenFilterPolicy” registry hack. No reboot required.

·         The user used for installing the first host must have a “sysadmin” database login. In the example “Admin” has login defined in the database.


The “Weird Systems” Demo Network

If you’re installing on a single machine then ignore this otherwise it is worth getting familiar. More detail on the Weird Systems page.


1) Provision Windows

See the Machine Page for more details.

Use existing installation

Can be installed on most recent versions of Windows and Windows Server.

Ensure your edition of Windows includes IIS. Before Windows 10 the Home editions did not.

Install Windows

You can now download the Windows 10 installer (iso) directly (free download) from Microsoft. The setup can also prepare a bootable USB.

Anything with a licence sticker on will probably install without you needing to enter the key (as it’s stored in BIOS)

The “Home” edition of Windows 10 is perfectly good for development as it now includes IIS but these are some limitations.


2) Prerequisites

See the Prerequisites page for more details.

Windows Features / Roles

These optional features need enabling in Windows:

·         IIS

·         .net WCF HTTP activation

·         .net ASP.NET

·         MSMQ


Windows Configuration

·         Configure HTTPS on IIS

·         Ensure .net version is 4.7.1

Other Software

The 7-Zip file archiver must be installed http://www.7-zip.org/ (Must be 64 bit edition on 64 bit Windows)

Database Availability

NOTE: If you have no interest in using a database then go for a SQLite Master installation. No database server is required.

Microsoft SQL Server is the recommended database, other databases can be used, for further details see the page:

·         Microsoft SQL Server

·         SQLite

·         MySQL

You can download SQL Server 2017 editions (free download) from Microsoft:

·         SQL Server 2017 Express - Legal to use commercially but 10 GB database limit.

·         SQL Server 2017 Developer - Licenced for development use only with no limits

·         SQL Server 2017 on Linux - (Editions work same Windows Product)

NOTE: Video shows 2016 but it installs the same way


3) Download Installer

Download the SpludlowSetup archive from The Downloads Page


4) Main Setup

See the Setup Page for more details.

First Machine (or single host)

Database on same machine                                         Database on different machine                                 Database NOT SQL Server


Additional (Node) Hosts

New Host on same network                                                        New Host on different network


NOTE: Videos incorrectly show the path “C:\SpludlowV1.0” used it should be: “C:\SpludlowV1”.


5) Install Visual Studio

More detail on the Development Box page.

You can download Visual Studio Community 2017 for free from Microsoft. It provides all the features you need to use and build the Spludlow Framework.


6) Install SQL Server Management Studio

Install SSMS on your development machine.  You may also want it on the server.

More details on the Microsoft SQL Server page


7) Start using the Spludlow Framework

More detail on the Get Started Coding page.

Use Visual Studio to create a Class Library (DLL) and Simple Test Application

Configure a Spludlow Development Source machine

Learn some basics of using Spludlow for a Web Service


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